Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015

 Hi! I am alive and doing well.  

The MTC has been great. Hermana Reynolds, my companion is very nice and we all have been getting along. She is really from Boise, Idaho, and going to SLC is pretty quiet and easy to get along with. She took a few years of Spanish in high school so that has been helpful. The other Hermanas in my district are Hermana Valarez from Oahu going to Portland  and Hermana Fisher from Montana going to Pittsburgh. Hermana Valarez is pretty loud and very Hawaiian while Hermana Fisher is more quiet. All of their family situations have made me very grateful. Hermana Reynold's Dad wasn't a member till she was 8 and her Mom wasn't active growing up. Hermana Valarez has lots of 1/2 siblings and neither one of her parents are active or supportive of her going on her mission. She is the first person ever in her family to serve. Hermana Fisher's Dad isn't active and her only older sibling didn't serve a mission and just got married outside the temple. They are all wonderful but it has just made me even more grateful for my awesome family and being raised in the gospel.

Our district has 4 Elders all going to Mendoza, Argentina and all the Sisters are stateside Spanish speaking. Our teacher Hermana Avery is wonderful and we are learning a lot. So far all I can do in Spanish is give a few greetings and pray but considering I have been in for a day and a half that is pretty good. We went to the temple this morning and that was super. The other great time of the day is meals and gym time. Really any time we get to get out of our little classroom seats is wonderful.

I have seen so many people I know here it is crazy. People from my BYU ward, Timpview, and lots of adults from the stake or who somehow know either set of Grandparents. My poor companion is constantly having to stop while I say hi to someone else I know. It is fun but I hope I don't burn out Hermana Reynolds.  

Our days so far have just been spent either in class or workshops with the other first week Missionaries. Last night we met our Zone and Branch presidency. They assigned me to be -- something -- I honestly can't even remember the whole title. Something like Assistant District Leader. Pretty much I am the District/Zone leader for the Sisters starting on Sunday. It is crazy that we have to take over so fast. The District in our Zone that is older than us was here for 5 weeks before they were assigned leadership positions because they had an older District but we were here less than 48 hours and already have assignments. I guess that must happen regularly and it will be great I am just hoping to learn the lingo and where everything is before I get a new district that we have to train. 

Things are going as expected which I guess is a good sign. We have has some good spiritual moments, we are laughing lots and getting to know each other and eating lots of bad cafeteria food (which Hermana Alvarez thinks is delicious),the days are busy, we are tired and the days are long but everyone is staying in good spirits and learning lots. 

Anyways, all is well, hope to hear from you before I get on again in a few hours. 
Rachel aka Hermana Sybrowsky

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